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About us

Dana Savage

Somatic Psychotherapy | Reiki/Energy Therapy | Yoga + Breath classes | Workshops 

Dana began her training in somatic psychotherapy in 2004 after a series of life events led her to seek a deeper, more integrative approach to healing systemic trauma.  

Following almost a decade of professional training in somatic psychotherapy, trauma healing, breathwork and energy medicine, Dana was invited to join one of the teaching faculties for several years, providing group and individual training and support to students.  


She completed her yoga teacher training in 2017 to further her passion for mind body integration and led many classes to local residents by the beach in the Redcliffe Peninsula combining yoga, breathwork and yoga nidra for stress release and deep relaxation.

Dana has had the  honour of providing front-line counselling and clinical support to counsellors and volunteers in community sectors for many years and is a Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association.

Her passion and joy lies in empowering women to remember their innate beauty and wisdom and supporting them to reconnect to their true nature.

Qualifications ~

  • Adv. Dip. Body Psychotherapy (IES)

  • Dip. Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (IBP)

  • Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Embodied Couples Facilitator

  • Trauma Training

  • Reiki Practitioner (all levels)

  • Family Constellations Facilitator

  • Emotional Mind Integration Therapist

  • Yoga Teacher Training

  • Certificate in Somatic Embodiment + Regulation Strategies (current study)

Elena Di Fabio

Somatic Psychotherapy | Bowen Therapy | Remedial Massage | Reiki

Elena's passion for human behaviour evolved through her own experience as a child growing up surrounded by family with mental health issues.  In her adult years, this led her on a journey of self-discovery where she is now living more consciously and being present to the moment.


Our body contains the maps or stories that govern the way we move, breathe and feel in this world and in essence, this is part of our body's wisdom.  Elena's desire to learn has followed the path of knowing more about the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Her studies have included a wide range of modalities that combine talk therapy and somatic bodywork and she brings an array of therapeutic techniques through remedial massage.  Elena is a Professional Member of the Australian Massage Association (ABN 437 973 961 59) and a qualified Bowen Therapist.

Qualifications ~

  • Masters of Counselling (UQ)

  • Grad Dip. Body Psychotherapy

  • Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Embodied Couples Facilitator

  • Dip. Remedial Massage

  • Certificate IV Bowen Therapy (Bowen Training Australia)

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