Embodied Movement

Slow movements to calm and nourish the mind and body


Yin yoga is slow and soft, with an invitation to release naturally according to our body's unique design.  We access the deeper tissues of the body (connective tissue and fascia) through longer holds (up to several minutes), whilst at the same time learning to cultivate a gentle stillness of the mind.

Some of the benefits of yin yoga:

  • helps calm our nervous system

  • helps create a deeply nurturing environment where we can connect more deeply to our inner sensations and emotions

  • helps reduce stress and anxiety

  • helps us to slow down and reconnect to the wisdom of our body

  • helps promote greater flexibility and mobility


Restorative yoga reaches deep into the nervous system, helping to release patterns of tension and encouraging a state of relaxation.  It is a gentle, supportive practice, focusing on longer holds which can help restore the body to its parasympathetic nervous system function.  This helps our body to rest and restore.  The use of blankets, bolsters and blocks assist with comfort and deep relaxation.


Yoga mats, bolsters & other props are provided.  You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.

Please bring water for hydration after your practice.

Classes are 60 minutes.

Regular classes returning shortly.