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Somatic Healing Sessions

Somatic Healing Sessions are designed to support women reconnect with the essence of who they are through intention, ritual and somatic practices

Reconnecting to ourselves includes creating sacred time and space outside of our roles and external commitments.  Somatic Healing Sessions can help plant seeds of change - leading to a felt sense of inner connection.  When we set aside a space for ritual, intention and healing practices, our entire body, mind and heart responds.

We are cyclical beings – in line with lunar and seasonal phases.  The cycles of the moon affect all of nature including the tides, our emotions and our cycles.  We have found that regular sessions in alignment with these phases can help deeply enhance our intentions and connection with ourselves and our purpose, whatever that may be for each of us. 

Somatic Healing Sessions are individually designed to support each woman on their path, which may include:

  • seeking more purpose and fulfilment in everyday life;

  • the desire to release beliefs and habits that no longer align with who we are;

  • transitions and navigating change;

  • those on a healing path;

  • beginnings and endings;

  • an inner calling to connect more deeply with ourselves.


Each healing session includes:


Clearing + Grounding Practices

To deeply connect with our body and inner experience in the here and now through gentle somatic movements and breath practices - arriving in our sacred space with more clarity, direction and purpose.

Intention Setting + Personal Ritual

To reflect on where we are, what we wish to release or bring into form, designing ongoing nurturing/clearing practices to support and enhance our desired intentions.

Nervous System Rebalance

To help reset our nervous system and release energetic imprints that don't belong to us, using high-quality energy healing practices.  Healings may include essential oils and flower essences.

Cacao Ceremony + Integration

To help integrate our work together, close our healing session and bring us more deeply into our heart.  We use ceremonial grade cacao sourced from organic farmers who are committed to providing the purest form of cacao and maintaining the spiritual essence of the plant.  Cacao has been used for millenia in healing and ritual work and is deeply grounding.

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