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Somatic Psychotherapy

Supporting and regulating our nervous system

Somatic psychotherapy is deeply grounded in the mind/body/heart connection.  The way we move through our world, our responses to stress, our inner dialogue, the way we connect with others - all reflect our inner relationship with ourselves.   While our mind can be distracted by the past or the future, our body is always in present time.

In every moment of every day, our body is tracking the world around us and providing feedback in an ongoing exchange of information.  Much of this information is implicit - out of our awareness. 

In our current era, many women experience a profound disconnect from themselves and their body, feeling out of touch with their inner sensations and knowing.    Overwhelm, stress, anxiety and heightened sensitivity are becoming the norm - but it doesn't have to be this way.

For many women who have spent much of their lives disembodied (for example, in a state of fight, flight, freeze or fawn) the thought of tapping into the wisdom of our body may seem foreign, and yet this wisdom exists whether we are aware of it or not.

A somatic therapy process is deeply experiential.  In addition to talking, we dive beneath the surface of the thinking, analysing mind into the vast terrain of our inner source of wisdom - our body.  We learn to regulate our nervous system in ways that allow us to feel more stable, grounded and connected.  We learn to develop more trust and love for our body and connect to the wisdom and purpose that has always been there.

Our role as therapists/facilitators is to help bring awareness to those places within us that hold healing potential, whilst honouring each woman's path.  We do this through gentle somatic practices - breath, movement, imagery, emotion and tracking our sensations in the here and now.  When we can connect more deeply with ourselves, we grow our capacity to connect more deeply with others.   

A somatic psychotherapy process can include:

  • Movement - gentle movements to help release accumulated tension and tightness held in our body.  This helps us to experience more freedom of movement and awareness of our inner sensations;

  • Breath - gentle breathing practices to assist with grounding and centering.  This helps us to connect with our inner experience exactly as it is;

  • Sensations - following our moment-to-moment sensations that govern our movement/posture and breath.

To assist in the integration of our work together and in support of every woman's inherent ability for self-healing, we offer high quality energy healing at the completion of our sessions together (optional).   Energy healings are soothing and nurturing to our nervous system, allowing for a deeper sense of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 


"The beauty of life is that we can make the decision to change at anytime" (Elena Di Fabio)


Emotional Mind Integration

A neuro-trance psychotherapy

Emotional Mind Integration (“EMI”) is an advanced mind/body psychotherapy that combines the latest developments in neuroscience to quickly contact the root cause of an issue.  It is designed for those ready for change and helps to resolve the “fight/flight” responses trapped in the body and unconscious mind.   It is a structured process that engages our mind, emotions and body sensations, leading to healing pathways. 

EMI utilizes a gentle state of relaxation to enable us to dive more deeply into the core of issues in a way that helps resolve them.  Each session is unique and adapted to your specific needs.   It is a gentle, safe, trauma-informed process that is designed to assist with personal trauma-related issues, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sabotage-patterns and inner conflicts.


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