Tuning into the wisdom of the body..

Somatic Psychotherapy

Supporting and regulating our nervous system

Somatic psychotherapy is a holistic therapeutic approach and incorporates mind, body and spirit.   Our thoughts, emotions and sensations are intimately intertwined.   What affects our body affects our mind and what affects our mind affects our body.    

When we are connected to the sensations that arise in our body, we can "know" when something or someone is not right for us.  It's like having an inbuilt radar that alerts us to safety or to danger.  Over time, through different life experiences, we can begin to lose contact with this inner guidance system, often using the logic of our minds to over-ride or replace our deeper knowing or to keep us safe.


We lose contact with our inner guidance system - making things harder and more challenging

Without access to the wisdom of our body, we can find making decisions difficult.  We might stay too long in relationships or jobs that are not good for us.  We may find it hard to set boundaries or keep them, or make positive changes and stick with them.  We may still be operating on beliefs and assumptions formed early in life or past experiences we were unable to integrate or change at the time that continue to inform our present-day sense of who we are.  We might think that this is "just the way we are".  Alternatively, we may go through life feeling everything intensely, with no way of making sense of why we feel the way we do.  

All of our emotions, feelings and reactions begin as sensations in our body

The sensations associated with past events (including trauma) can become held in our physical body way beyond the initial impact of the event/s, affecting our posture, our facial expressions and our responses to life situations.  The urge to overeat, overspend, withdraw, over-react or numb ourselves in a hundred different ways begins as a sensation of  discomfort somewhere in our body and mind.   These coping mechanisms can help in the moment, but can become our default patterns over time.  The deeper reasons for our coping mechanisms may remain a vague mystery to us.  If left unattended, as time goes by we can be left with a nagging sense that something is missing.

Over time, we can learn to understand ourselves in ways that enable us to

feel more relaxed and peaceful

Fortunately, we are wired to move towards healing and growth, given the right environment and support.  Using trauma-sensitive somatic practices, our intention is to support women to reconnect with this inner part of themselves, in a safe, and non-judgemental space.   

No matter what we have experienced, there is always an opportunity for healing


Along with talk psychotherapy, our session may include:

  • Gentle movements to help release any stress or tension that may have built up over time, allowing you to feel more calm and relaxed;

  • Gentle breathing practices to help soothe your nervous system;

  • A gentle exploration of body sensations as they arise - increasing your capacity for self awareness and self-regulation.


Energy healings are available at the end of each session.  For more information on the benefits of energy healings for emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, please follow this link:




"The beauty of life is that we can make the decision to change at anytime" (Elena Di Fabio)